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My Journey

Like many people, I am on a journey.

A journey to find my purpose; to find where I belong.

I do not know where this journey will lead me, but I’m determined to find what I’m looking for – though I’m not even sure for what I am looking.

In the process of my journey, I’ve decided to open myself up to an audience, whether that audience be just one or many matters not. I feel like so many people in this world are looking for something more, or feel like they can be so much more, but never set out on their journey, therefore never find their self.

I will not be one of those people.

So my journey begins.

My name is Aaron Mychael Williams. As I write this, I am currently the editor of The West Side Journal, a weekly newspaper located in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, the smallest parish in the state.

A long series of events led me to this particular job - and I’m sure I’ll get into that story more later on – but I have now been here for just over seven years and I feel the walls closing in on me.

When I accepted this job right out of college, I was sure it would be my stepping stone to a bigger, better job elsewhere within four years. I had grand ideas for the publication, for the community, and for myself.

I was a go-getter. I still consider myself a go-getter.

Those grand ideas became realities. I won statewide journalism awards, the newspaper was named best in state. And after four years was gone, I was in a place of comfort.

I knew I didn’t want to be at the paper forever, but I was doing well, the paper was doing well, and though I was prepared to leave if a job offer were good enough, I was comfortable enough to refrain from actively pursuing another job.

“If they want me, they know where to find me,” was my general sentiment.

Three years later, here I am.

Plenty has happened in between those years - including a chance-encounter with a band that was in search of a lead singer, which became me – and I’ve become more understanding of the pursuit to find the thing that makes you happy.

So, I have decided to do just that.

I put in my notice at work – yes, I’m resigning – and I’m going to begin a pursuit to be the “more” that I absolutely know that I can be.

The frustration is being released as I journey down this weird path of the unknown. But it excites me.

Several years ago, I wrote a poem that began to describe the frustration I was feeling about life – work, church, friends, family, etc.

As time has passed, the frustration grew.

But I’m doing something about it.

Welcome to my journey.

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